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We see constant reminders of bringing back the dinosaurs. There is a misconception of what that actually means in real terms. If you reverse the evolution process, then you can only get the original version and not any version that you want. A chicken will not produce both a tyrannosaurs and a triceratops by example. Reverse engineering will only produce the dinosaur that evolved into the specific bird being used.

If a scientist decided to manipulate DNA to create a dinosaur from scratch it is unlikely to yield the accurate results that have happened naturally. This, in the extreme, is very unlikely to ever happen! Equally difficult, would be for a scientist to obtain actual DNA, unpolluted, from dinosaur remains and piece them together to create the unadulterated true version. Unless, of course, the dinosaur was an asexual reproducer. Otherwise, they would need to obtain two separate genomes and combine them into an egg stripped of its DNA content for recombination. What most of these scientific articles refer to when they say return of the dinosaurs, like this one [here] is that traits will be produced that resemble the dinosaurs in general.

We need to remind ourselves that birds have evolved into many species since the dinosaurs went extinct and there is no way of actually telling which specific dinosaur was the predecessor of birds in general. It should go without saying, that not every biped dinosaur must have evolved feathers and flight. More likely it was a specific group of dinosaurs and probably did not include the family of dinosaurs that already flew. This is what the evidence actually suggest. There are actual fossils of feathered dinosaurs found in China.

What do these scientists actually mean by dinosaurs? They mean that they can tweak out features that the predecessors of birds had in general terms. They can cause a dinosaur tail to grow on a chicken and alter the legs into dinosaur looking legs by changing the development of the embryo with DNA manipulation. These are the current hopes anyway. It will be considered a work of wonder, something to marvel at, and a starting point for greater things to come in DNA manipulation.

I have no doubt that someday, step by mighty step, man will be able to reproduce the original dinosaur from whence the chicken evolved. This will not create dinosaurs of every type and size that originally existed and roamed the earth.

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In light of new events it seems that the most likely demise of the dinosaurs was the evolution of the birds. There has been some new findings that backs this up, but we will start with the older findings first. Dinosaurs have been unearthed in China which seem to be, at least in part, covered with some feathers. These feathers were believed to have been some form of insulation and they were believed to have been colored. Coloration is only important in that it allows for both, color selection of the visible light spectrum and the eye/brain, and sexual selection for the most brightly colored individuals. Neither are points to dwell on here.

Feathered features acting like insulation could have evolved into feather-covered dinosaurs and the prelude to flight. This much has been speculated for a considerable time now. Old news! If this was not evidence enough for some to speculate that dinosaurs evolved into birds, then check out these extra findings. Recently, a tyrannosaurs was discovered and a bone was analysed. The bone (a femur) has been proven to belong to a female of the species as the bone was Medullary in nature. This means that this dinosaur formed extra bone matter during pregnancy which is common in birds. Mary Schweitzer

Next we have the manipulation of DNA, specifically, in chickens, which have grown different beaks and in one case longer fibulas in their lower legs. Genes determine the rate of growth in bones and these bones evolved to be shortened in birds/chickens. Shutting off the gene called IHH or Indian Hedgehog caused the bone to grow the full length again. The chicken developed long tubular fibulas like a dinosaur.

It has been argued by creationist that evolution is powerless to transform species. Commonly stated, is the argument that a mosquito is still a mosquito even if they are different species of mosquito. They still look like a mosquito; therefore, evolution is not the answer without divine guidance. When you can grow dinosaur features in a chicken by manipulating a gene, trace medullary bones in fossils and associate the same process with the bird family, along with finding feathers on dinosaur fossils, I would ask how much proof is needed to accept species change? Here, apparently, dinosaurs have changed enough in size, shape, and adaption to pass as birds.

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