Evolution of Walter Disney

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Evolution does have a purpose and that purpose was to evolve Walt Disney. Disney was famous for cartoons. His most famous character was Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was an animal, rodent to be more specific. Can you even imagine a real mouse talking?

A short time ago, someone found my blog by entering the phrase “did Adam and Eve talk to animals” in a search engine. Indirectly, yes! If Adam or Eve heard a lion roar, then the squealing of a pig in pain, it would be “communicated” to them, that a pig became food for the lion. Understanding noises to contain content is not a huge problem.

Mirror Neurons, are brain cells that allows your brain to imitate other persons states of emotion, meanings of jesters, and they play a heavy part in language. Language did not select for these neurons in and of themselves. Other purposes selected for them and they worked perfect for language. Mirror neurons interact with all of the senses. If you hear the lion roar and pig squeal, then your brain mentally mirrors or envision what is happening. What’s happening?

A loin is chasing you and you make a sharp dive through a crevice and climb to the top of a huge bolder to safety. Forget language! What do you do now? Your eyes watch the lion and report to the brain where the lion is in conceptual form, not language. Your brain actually mirrors the lion and makes an informed image in the brain to manipulate. Your brain actually says: object moving that way, without language.

If the loin moved out of sight in that direction of motion you would look for a way that the lion could climb up. Once you see the path, your brain says, in subject/object form, the lion is coming up there. You jump down and run to safety or home. What’s happening?

Your brain is transposing the loin’s actions as object/subject narrative. Your mirror neurons are actually detecting the lion’s intentions. If that is the intention of the lion, then that must also be what the lion is thinking in subject/object form. No? Tomato, tomato!

Introduce language and what do we have? Tell the story! The lion tried to sneak around the rock to get me, but I knew what he was thinking and I escaped the other way. Now you add character to the lion. The lion was thinking! Take a guess at how many creation myths are told with the voice of animals. Including: and the serpent said unto the woman.

This would also be the beginnings of storytelling. The brains ability to track the intent of subjects and objects. All this with the great foresight of evolution to select for Walt Disney.

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