Wild Cognitive Sex

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Some University of Kansas scientist set up experiments on masculine and feminine words using native speakers of the Spanish language. Words ending in “O” are mainly masculine. Words ending in “A” are mainly feminine.

Personally, it is no surprise to find that there is a cognitive lag in men, when women speak masculine phrases. Likewise, when men speak feminine phrases, the cognitive lag belongs to the ladies. In other words, having women speaking phrases that would typically be spoken by men, the men take pause to understand what was said. It seems that we expect men to speak male phrases and women to speak female phrases. When this does not happen, it confuses the brain. At least in languages which have high gender specific content.

There is a good reason why it comes as no surprise to me in finding this lag. Several experiments have been performed too show that this is also true of any and every situation. I will cover two of them in this posting. First it is important to understand what this lag means and why it is there. Lag means that more cognitive time was needed to deploy information to our conscious thinking. As to why it is there, let’s exaggerate and say it is better to waste one minute now, then to waste ten minutes later on.

One experiment I am going to mention is the famous name the word on the colored blocks. A red block might have the word green written on it and you must say the word green, not “red” the color of the block. The experiment is worked both ways and measured for response time. There is a lag in cognition!

Another experiment has different shapes with different words on them. The word square might be written on a triangle or circle and you either have to say the shape of the block or the word written on the block. Here too, we find that pesky cognitive lag. These lags are measured on the scale of hundreds or thousands of a second, but they are there in every case.

Psychologically speaking, the question should be: why are there voices in my head to begin with?

I usually try to explain the selective process before blogging out. I thought this time it might be fun to leave a cliff-hanger.

You are walking along a path in the woods, when all of a sudden you see a snake open its mouth and roar like a saber-tooth tiger.

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