Global Warming

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How real is global warming? There are a few different theories out there. Conspiracy theories dictate that it is just a big money grab and not reality. There is a lot to look at for a one-page post.

First the money grab. Keeping things at par, energy-wise, keeps the money going to the same pockets and creates a demand for more of the same carbon based products. Windmills, solar panels, and other “clean energy” alternatives can be made by any handyman and are not in enough demand—yet—to offset the loss of, say, oil money. If there is one thing for certain, money can never be underestimated. Yes, money is a factor. I am not convinced that taking money out of the picture would help solve the problem either. This only leaves speculation.

Second is the fact that the earth seems prone to ice ages every few thousand years anyway followed by general warm up. I am sure this is the case as the evidence bears it out. We do have swings in temperature over thousands and hundreds of thousands of years as intervals. This evidence it taken from several studies, ice cap layers, theories, and accumulated facts as well as from astronomy. Could we actually be due for a natural global warm-up period? One that would happen along the same time frame?

The third possibility is that man is, in fact, causing the global warming without any help from nature. We do emit many greenhouse gasses and we do damage the atmosphere unabashedly. Think holes in the ozone layers.

Where money is concerned, there can be no trust. Who do we believe?

In my opinion, the likely problem is both, a general warming trend and man. It would be an arrogant person, indeed, who would think that man has zero effect on this planet. My contention is that we are contributing to this global warming. With the world stuck on all-or-nothing thinking, have we overlooked our partial contributions? I think so and we should collectively own up to it. One cannot use fossil fuel at this rate and expect for nature to instantaneously deal with it.

My conclusion is that we still need to control our contributions in global warming. It might have happened anyway, but we are surely adding to the severity of it.


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