Music Through Time

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It appears as though my theory of Brain Relativity controlling Language Relativity is true on the musical level as well. I would be hard to fathom any sound in nature, musical or otherwise, which are not produced one note after another. More to the point, one sound vibration after another.

True, you could have several sounds, from several sources, all happening at the same time. Every sound from every source would be in a time constructed order. I am working on a video to better describe this process and I will link to it on another post. Key here, is that the sounds themselves, matter very little if they have no structured order to them.

Imagine listening to Sweet Emotion (Aero Smith) without any order to the swift words of the song. Hard to do? What if the words were sang in Greek? What if you don’t understand Greek? When speaking, the brain tries to grasp the jest of what is being said by what is going on in the context of the situation. You might not be able to figure out what is being actually spoken, but your brain would understand that what was being spoken was ordered structure.

As soon as your brain makes the realization that it is music being played, meaning is wiped clean and the brain sees only this ordered structure. Any words added to the music, in any language, would now have the flow of music to carry the ordered structure. Ordered structure is nothing more than grammar or grammatical form, syntax or syntactic form.

I have included a link below for an interesting study done on music. The authors of the study conclude that: “Specifically, it’s syntactic and not semantic processing that is key”. Semantic is the term that refers to meaning.–+ScienceDaily%29

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