“Features” of Sounds

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First let’s recap in simple terms. Words are produced from phonemes (phone), which are still produced of sound waves or vibrations. As I dealt with in my book Tilogos, if a species can produce a sound, it can also understand what the sound represents innately.

I must make this clear to all of my friends, readers and followers. Let’s set up a perfectly acceptable empirical experiment:

Do not make any noise at all. Sit in a room with other people around you. Listen to breathing only. You and the whole room can only do one thing, breathe. More, you can only breathe through your noise. When I experiment, I run a tight ship!

You all of a sudden hear a whistle noise from someone breathing in the room! You and every other person in that room will know exactly what this person is doing when she gets up and heads for the washroom.

Every vibration from a sound wave will be received as that same vibrational element in the same said species, and with the varying pitches and frequencies, concept wise, relative to the innate knowledge of what the sound holds holistically.

This is why we are taught to excuse ourselves from company and seek privacy when these noises occur. One should blow their noses in washrooms…, so they have access to tissue paper…

It is very good that science and scientist are making headway in the study of language deficiencies for the betterment of humans. Just don’t ridicule me for speaking in such simple terms when I renege to use the “proper” words!

The following link has a very good article in these “features” of sounds…



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