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A Study Worth Following

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As I look for new material to write about, I find myself at a loss some weeks. Most scientific news or articles are redundant, too complex in scope, or the reverse, far too simple to write about in a blog post. I try to keep my post with a mixture of my own work and that of the mainstream sciences.

This magazine article is the best I’ve read in a while now. It also adds the bonus of confirming my own work on language. Certain combinations of sounds are preferred by all languages and have an added innate knowledge base. That is, they are learned quickly enough by infants to suspect the sounds carry innate meaning. This lends support to the theory of calls and cries becoming structured into our speech articulation.

As I wrote in my book: Tilogos: A Treatise on the Origins and Evolution of Language: due to the premature development of the infants brain—not fully developed at birth—calls and cries are not allowed full development. Instead, I suspect that infants, after hearing only articulated speech after birth, have their calls and cries knowledge, replaced with the shortened digitally articulated version.

They retain the knowledge, innate in development, of the sound/concept correlation, but replace the call or cry with the newer, shorter, digital sound. If this is not true on some level, then science has to explain why some combinations of phonemes hold power over other combinations (and I am being kind). The cause cannot be the ease of combination in any case! Natural selection does not care how hard sounds are to make. Natural selection only cares that the sounds have meaning and are acted upon.


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