Platos Dichotomy

Platos Dichotomy

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Plato was the closest to getting language right!

When you read any of Plato’s works on language you get an eerie feeling that he was maybe wrong on some points. If you were to read all of his works on language together in one reading you might come to see that, if he knew about evolution, and the terms: calls, cries, grunts, and proto-language, he would most likely have solved the problem back in his day.

Well, one thing more would have been needed and that is the theory of relativity. Actually two, if you include Chomsky’s theory on innateness of grammar. Chomsky believed that grammar could not have been evolved, but he missed one major point as well as everyone else. That point is Einstein’s theory of Relativity!

Relativity predicts that evolution will produce “Brain Relativity” © copyright, which leads to consciousness being (now + or – 150 milliseconds) spacetime related. It also predicts that when language does arise, it too, will be spacetime oriented, completely explaining the innateness of grammar.

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